For Primary Care Physicians

Why ‘refer-out’ when you can ‘refer-in’? Canada Medical Group offers all non-invasive cardiology services in physician’s offices across Ontario. We bring our specialists and services to your practice from once a month to a few days in a week (based on your referral load). Our services include cardiology consults, echocardiography, Holter Monitoring, loop (event monitoring), ABPM (ambulatory blood pressure monitoring) and cardiac stress tests. Since we will be using your premises, personnel, furniture and other amenities, we will pay you to cover the operational fee cost of these incidentals. Family medicine is a multi-dimensional, challenging and a fast paced environment. Canada Medical Group is here to ensure that our service leaves you stress free to focus on what matters the most for you. Rest assured, Canada Medical Group will develop a customized solution, based on your clinic’s requirements. Instead of referring patients out for cardiac testing, just schedule them within your facility. We will take care of the rest. If you choose, we will even arrange for our cardiologist to visit your clinic on the day of the testing. This benefits you multi-folds. The patients can be seen the same day after the testing. The test reports are read, prepared and delivered to your office in a much shorter time frame. If required, we can provide patient follow-ups including referring them to the closest hospital for in-patient procedures.



For Patients

We are committed to providing you the best cardiac care by trained and certified professionals. We do our utmost to ensure that your experience is easy, comfortable, and convenient. Rest assured that your cardiac needs and expectations will be met and exceeded. Simply return to your clinic on the day of testing and receive your results in a timely manner. Ask your doctor about Canada Medical Group and the services we provide. Are you scheduled for a medical exam? Please visit our Services page. There you will find different types of test we perform, general information about them and the steps you may need to follow in order to ensure that you are ready on the day of your test. If you are not able to make it to your doctor’s office for the scheduled test, then make sure you call the office right away to avoid unnecessary costs. The office will gladly reschedule you for another day.




For Cardiologists

We are an Ontario based corporation, offering cardiology solutions to primary physicians. Our focus is on delivering extraordinary patient care using the latest technology and standards. We are seeing higher than expected growth in our service model. This of course means that we need additional cardiologists to join our existing group of cardiologists. Currently the way our model works with numerous other clinics is that instead of referring patients out for cardiac testing or consultations, the clinic would just schedule them with in their facility. We would then go to these clinics on a scheduled day to conduct testing. In order to maximize your time for consultations, we ensure that the primary physician’s clinic has enough volume. We ensure that the scheduling and the frequency of patients at any primary physician’s office is done according to your working style and the consults are booked according to your requirements. To make it easier for you, we can start with a lighter schedule that does not conflict with your current engagements. This way you can see what we have to offer and assess how much you want to be a part of it. Contact us now by sending an email with your contact information including your direct phone number to cardiologist@canmedgroup.ca This confidential email address is specifically set up for this purpose. For new cardiologists or cardiologists with restrictive licences, we may be able to help place you with an experienced cardiologist from our group to help your practice




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Why Us


We can do what the industry does, only better. The obvious proof of this will be your opinion of our services, after you have experienced them. Until then, we have posted testimonials from other medical professionals to show how they feel about our service. The fact that we have exceeded our growth targets and are now servicing numerous clinics in a very short time frame is evidence of the standard we hold ourselves to.


We care about the patients. CMG came into being with the core concept of patient care. We firmly believe in bettering healthcare with exceptional bedside manners, quick report delivery times and outstanding quality of results. Patients consistently thank us for the experience they have with us.


At CMG, we pride ourselves on commitment and reliability. All our staff is hired with this clear mandate and redundancies are built into our processes to ensure that things go smoothly. Moreover, we have dedicated people in our organization to follow up with clinic owners and primary physicians to address any required modifications. We work with the mindset of benefitting the clinics

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